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Cheap Barbed Wire In 179 Truong Van Thanh, Ward Truong Tho, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
We are not as familiar with barbed wire fences used to prevent breaking into farms, houses, and factories. The spikes that stick out have the effect of dealing damage when the bad guy tries to break in. Therefore, they are very popular. So what`s barbed wire, how to use? All will soon be clarified and answered through the next article.
What`s barbed wire?
With the effectation of getting used as a barrier to stop animals and crooks from entering the home or place to be protected. Barbed wire with the structure of tightly wound steel wires interspersed with sharp spikes with an action of 150mm spikes effective at scratching and damaging.
Barbed wire design
Thanks to hot-dip galvanizing, the barbed wire features a certain shine, less rust when used.
Steel fiber has high hardness, durable to withstand strong impact force.
Parameters of barbed wire
The type of zinc with size 2.2 will often have a diameter of >=11m/kg, a spin weight of 50-55 kg
The sort of zinc with size 2.5 will most likely have size >= 9m/kg, roll weight range from 50-55 kg
The type of zinc with size 2.7 will often have a size of >= 7.5m/kg, a spin weight of 50-55 kg
The kind of zinc with size 2.0 will most likely have a dimension of >=5.5m/kg, a roll weight of 50-55 kg
With 1kg of barbed wire how much wire, it will depend on the wire diameter. The smaller the yarn, the longer the meter, and the shorter the meter with the bigger yarn.
Knife wire
Application of barbed wire
Used as a fence around residential areas, military areas, factories... To be able to prevent crooks from entering
Along with this, it is also very common to use this kind of zinc at construction sites to stop individuals from entering. Because this really is often a dangerous area, in addition it prevents crooks from harassing.
Furthermore, barbed wire was also used to set up in trenches and battlefields to prevent the advance of the enemy. They is seen in military areas, drills, to stop enemy troops along with unauthorized people.
Office: 397 Doc Lap, Ward Phuoc Binh, Thu Duc, City. Ho Chi Minh City
Phone number: 0938 38 59 57
Email: imecomtech@gmail.com
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